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I want to thank you again for the amazing job you and your team did moving our family into our new Chestnut Hill house. Moving while 8 months pregnant seemed like an impossible feat, but your organizers made the process easy and seamless- I was unpacked and set on an organizational path in no time at all!!!!

Katy K. Philadelphia 8/6/2010

my goodness!!! Just saw the basement!! Unbelievable! U rock beyond words. How do u thank someone who is helping give your life back?! + Words cannot thank u enuf!
I took a wonderful deep breath tonite and it felt great!
Please thank becky 4 me! Ill be in touch early nxt week.

Karen P. Philadelphia 8/13/2010

it's quite difficult to amaze me, and i am simply that... what a fantastic team you have. chris and becky were a wonderful whirwind of positivity, reassurance and energy! we accomplished so much in just one day. i look forward to another day with them tomorrow, and you are like an angel out there somewhere, orchestrating orderliness and peace of mind. so glad i found you.
with gratitude,

linda H. Gladwynn 6/21/2010

I can't tell u how great it felt just now going into my dressing/ "shoe" room!!! So organized and fresh! Thank you!!!

Karen P. Philadelphia5/17/2010

Cecile, I just keep walking around the house smiling...

Linda H. 6/23/2010

Cecile Steinriede and Sofia Stallberg came into my life two weeks ago and my life has changed because of them. Before meeting them my home had been in such a long neglected state of disarray and clutter that I had long ago given up the idea of ever achieving any semblance of order or peacefulness again. Every room had become an eyesore with excessive bits of mail, magazines, books, furniture, textiles, paintings, cd’s, dvd’s, audio and visual equipment and beyond that it became no longer possible for me to invite friends for socializing. I was hopelessly embarrassed and overwhelmed with the work it would have required to ever make my home livable again.
I had given up and resigned to live a life of inertia.

By a stroke of the most fortuitous good fortune I happened to see the ad for “Call to Organize” on the internet; I called and with only a couple of visits my home is now a joy for me to live in. I’m seeing furniture rearrangements, lighting rearrangements, textile and paintings placements, new areas for storing dishes, audio and visual cd’s and dvd’s, new and far more efficient uses for my storage cabinets and so on.

I’ve never been one to write a testimonial for any purpose but please believe me when I tell you that these two wonderful women have been the answer to my long standing problem with clearing away clutter and making my home into a place I now love living in.

Cecile and Sofia are two of the most delightful people I know and I plan to make them a part of my social life as soon as this project is completed. They have indefatigable energy, wonderful and creative ideas about interior design, lovely personalities and are delightfully open minded and patient.

What more can I say? Call upon them.

Ronnie, Philadelphia PA
Working with Cecile and Sophia was a dream come true. They transformed the spaces in our home from cluttered, disorganized ones into attractive, open places that are now easy to maintain. They are efficient and friendly. It was a pleasure to have them in my home. They made a place for everything and now we are more disciplined about putting things back where they belong. I recommend them to anyone who wants to live a clutter free life.

Claire , Bala Cynwyd PA