Call 2 Organize
Call 2 Organize
Call 2 Organize

Great listeners
with a
Magic touch !

Initial consultation:

This is the time to tell us what your goals are, what you
have tried in the past that has worked and what hasn’t.
We brainstorm with you on the best way to get you there :
Should it be in phases?
How much you want to be involved?

.. Re-Organize:

We establish, based on your way of living, what needs
to be constantly at hand, and what can be stored.
The design process starts right here. We will define
new uses for some of your furniture, find unused
potentials in certain areas of your home or office and
put them to use. But boiling it down to a few words,
organizing starts by dividing.

De-Clutter :

Edit, purge, relocate: The first step of any project is to
assess what can stay and what has to go. We are there,
helping you sort through your collections. Everyone has
emotional attachment to their possessions and we help
you break free of what may have been a burden for years.
We haul to charities of your choice and help you
determine the most appropriate place for everything.

.. Design :

That’s where the magic comes in, but it comes
back to the maxim:Form follows function. We design
around your needs. As your life and needs evolve,
we help you adapt.(A baby is born, you hurt your back,
your teen moves out of the house.)